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Webb Chapel's Mission: We glorify God, love one another, are fiercely dedicated to reaching the lost, and are walking in His Way.

Our vision: We seek to be a place where burdens are lifted, hearts are healed, and communities are loved, served, and taught God's truth.

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New System For Broadcasting Services

A number of us have recently been working on the video streaming of our Sunday Services over the internet. We are pleased to announce that we have settled on a Content Delivery Network that is providing us with quite a good broadcast!

You can watch the live services from the Our Planet web page and from our  Webb Chapel Live page. With this new service, you can also go to our page at Christian World Media to see the live stream. You can also see archived Sunday Sermons here.

Currently, we have the last three  weeks of sermons archived.   So if you are traveling or homebound, you can still be a part of the Webb Chapel Service. You can also tell your  friends, relatives, or interested individuals about the  recorded sermons.

On that note, I would like to ask that if anyone is  interested in working with producing the live video  stream, that you contact me, DON HARDIN. I could certainly use someone to share the responsibilities. ~ Don

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Heart & Soul 5K & One Mile Fun Run
February 14th, 2015

What a wonderful morning! We couldn't have had better weather! We had 95 registrations and 88 participants this morning. We had ages 5-81! We had all shapes and sizes. We had strollers, babies strapped on, babies carried in utero, and people walking backwards! We had many community members there! I hope everyone had a good time and even more importantly, I pray that God was glorified!

Thank you to everyone who participated and volunteered! Thank you to our great sponsors: Metro Landscape Maintenance (Ron Dunn's Company), Abrock Pest Management (Bob Neinstadt's company), Teens Growing In Faith (a ministry of Curtis and Sherri Forrester), Entrematic (David Day) , 4 Star Plumbing Company (Kenneth and Tammy Hodges's company) , McCrea Miller Insurance (Donna Hand's agent), Axmann & Whitaker (Lisa Day), and our own James Group! Again, thank you for running this spiritual race in order to help our teens run their spiritual race! ~ Carol


5 K — Overall - Men
1 Kevin Johnston 21:21.77
2 Joseph Soto 22:02.02
3 Greg Chandler 25:08.20
5 K — Overall - Women
1 Ashley Burton 22:01.90
2 Cristal Retana 25:32.55
3 Shama Sattar 26:54.62
5 K — M01-17
1 Joseph Soto 22:02.02
2 Alex Day 26:28.81
3 Nicolas Nothe 1:06:06.14
5 K — F01-17
1 Aubrey Day 34:36.82
2 Jara Chandler 34:56.38
3 Michelle Weiss 50:54.41
5 K — M18-34
1 Daniel Riveros 25:39.22
2 Chris Munoz 26:59.33
3 Chris Faulkner 34:07.25
5 K — F18-34
1 Cristal Retana 25:32.55
2 Shama Sattar 26:54.62
3 Sommer Latimer 41:10.77
5 K — M35-44
1 Greg Chandler 25:08.20
2 David Day 35:06.31
5 K — F35-44
1 Jodi Erwin 36:00.14
2 Sarah Gardner 36:13.15
3 Crystal Gattis 46:41.18
5 K — M45-54
1 Jeff Clement 25:38.57
2 Kevin Landreth 25:57.88
3 Curtis Forrester 42:25.49
5 K — F45-54
1 Cheryl Jenson 32:17.54
2 Judy Ballard 36:41.64
3 Mitzi Thompson 45:41.18
5 K — M55-64
1 Brian Herrington 29:35.36
2 Larry Ballard 38:31.24
3 Glenn Offutt 41:05.28
5 K — F55-64
1 Darlene Etrimani 35:19.26
2 Barbara Caballero 46:11.09
3 Lynn Hardin 51:02.21
5 K — M65+
1 Robert Halcomb 55:20.62
2 Denny Francis 59:04.30
3 Gus Svenssom 1:00:40.82
5 K — F65+
1 Linda Halcomb 44:58.17
2 Sherry Grieb 52:40.54
3 Delois Francis 59:05.15


1 Mile — M1-17
1 Grant Bartley 7:01.73
2 Andre Robinson 7:17.88
3 William Bartley 7:26.30
1 Mile — F1-17
1 Ellie Haynie 10:18.36
2 Faith Nothe 10:45.06
3 Izzy Erwin 11:47.99
1 Mile — M18+
1 Dennis Bartley 16:13.71
2 Jerry Calvert 18:39.26
3 Lar Doyle 24:28.61
1 Mile — F18+
1 Julie Bartley 15:45.93
2 Angela Whitton 17:03.29
3 Julia Thacker 17:50.08


Congratulations to all our participants! Thank you to EVERYONE involved!! See you next year!!!

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