Library Class - Steve Mankin & David Day

Significant Others, Understanding Our Non-Christian Neighbors

Learn about the backgrounds and practices of ten non-Christian religions so that you can engage with these significant others in meaningful ways. In 13 film segments, Harding Dean of Bible and Ministry, Monte Cox, explains how to engage our non-Christian neighbors. These lessons will help you become more acquainted with the religious backgrounds of devout non-Christians around you, as well as with the growing number of American people who claim no religious affiliation at all.

Room 10/11 - Greg Hargis & Greg Chandler

Grace is Greater

Grace is greater than your mistakes, greater than your hurts, greater than your circumstances. Grace is more beautiful than your brokenness, more healing than your wounds, more freeing than your bitterness, and more hopeful than your despair. God’s grace can overcome your past, redeem your pain, and rewrite your story. In this DVD driven series, Kyle Idleman (Not a Fan, AHA) will show us how to let go of the worries, regrets, and assumptions that hold us captive.

Room 14/15 - Walter Beam & Ged Erwin


We will be concluding our year-long study of this interesting book.

Room 16 - Bert Alexander & Paul Cartwright


Using biblical characters and families in conflict, God demonstrates reconciliation. What does reconciliation mean and how is it achieved?

1825 - David Bates

Spiritual Disciplines

In this class for young adults, we will continue to discuss and practice the spiritual disciplines to strengthen our walk with God.

Wednesday Night - Don Hardin

Video Series

That the World May Know.