Welcome to Webb Chapel church of Christ, and thank you for visiting our website! We would be delighted to have you, your family, and your friends visit with us for worship and Bible study at our facilities in Farmers Branch. We know that it can be intimidating visiting a new church community, but at Webb Chapel, it is impossible to walk through our doors without experiencing our love for God and His people. While here, you will not only be our honored guest, but part of our family of believers.


Webb Chapel church of Christ is a local congregation of Christian believers who have been baptized by immersion into Christ for the remission of sin, attempting to follow the practices and examples of the followers of Christ of the 1st Century. We believe that Jesus founded only one church, and work to reproduce, in contemporary times, the church established on Pentecost in A.D. 33.

The Webb Chapel church of Christ is a group of sinners, clinging to the grace of God offered through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus, upon the cross.


Using the New Testament as our guide, we gather each first day of the week, Sunday, to partake of the Lord’s Supper (Communion), sing, pray and teach. In our worship services our singing is "a cappella". This mean we sing without musical instruments. Our teachings are based on the Bible scriptures, as we believe that the Bible is the only source of what God has revealed to us of Himself, His wishes, His expectations, and His salvation.


Sunday mornings we have classes for all ages with lessons from the Holy Bible, God’s authoritative word. Sunday evenings we have Small Group meetings at various locations in the area.